We’re not only looking for the best competitors; but the hungriest professionals, the most determined underdogs, and the best brand ambassadors.

Our selection tour will test for talent, competitive potential, mental toughness, teamwork & communication, and the ability to be a good brand ambassador.

Do you have what it takes?


Talent (20%)

Valorant is a complex game that requires an in-depth level of  game knowledge, map awareness, and agent familiarity to compete at a high level. We’ll learn everything there is to learn about your Valorant experience, both casual and competitive, before rotating through a series of tests, simulations, and scenarios to put your talent to the test!

Competitive Potential (20%)

Similar to other sports, esports requires a dynamic balance between inherited and acquired talent. In addition to having an in-depth knowledge of in-game abilities, tactics, and map awareness, players must demonstrate raw abilities such as reaction time, aim, and crosshair placement.

Spray control, crosshair placement, strafing, counter-strafing, movement tech, and raw aim all fall into this category. With the help of Statespace’s Aimlab training programs, Metro will conduct in-depth tracking of raw ability to gauge the true gamer spirit of our competitors, and who truly has gaming potential running through their blood.

Mental Toughness (20%)

Competitors must be able to perform consistently under pressure. Competing in front of huge crowds where a single click could be the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars – the heat is truly on. Losses and critique can come so rapidly that the psychological impacts can be devastating.

We’ll run different clutch scenarios to analyze your ability to play under pressure, keep composure, and communicate with your team despite an advantage or disadvantage.

Teamwork & Communication (20%)

The MetroSquad will be assembled of players from completely different backgrounds, identities, and even skill levels. Communication and teamwork is of the utmost importance to ensure the success of this roster.  It’s imperative to be able to work with other agents on the fly, and to communicate clearly and efficiently in the heat of a fight. We’ll be looking at teamwork and communication in each step of the process, and highlighting those with the ability to work well with others. 

Brand Ambassadorship (20%)

Equally as important as being able to compete at a high level, we’re looking for players who can represent the Metro Squad, and everything it stands for. We’ll be creating year-round content alongside our world-class partners, of which the Metro Squad will be the star of the show! From mock interviews to commercial script reads to livestreaming stations, we’ll test for professionalism,  personality, and punctuality!