Kevin Le (aka “Lelicious”) is a self-taught professional Valorant Coach who has gained notoriety in the scene working with prospective and current professionals across the Valorant landscape. 

Prior to pursuing Valorant, Kevin was committed to achieving academic success, attending UC Irvine’s School of Biological Sciences. Shortly after finishing school, he made the decision to take a year off from school to pursue coaching full-time. With the announcement of Valorant back in 2020, he knew there was no better time to kickoff his competitive career. After matchmaking through Immortal and studying the game throughout the game’s beta, Kevin began to really make his mark in the coaching space.

Since then, Kevin has gone on to coach aspiring players, teams, and pros at all levels of Valorant, becoming one of the most well-respected coaches in the community for his positive outlooks on team development, dynamic analysis, and inclusion within the scene. “I follow three simple rules, 1) keep an open mind, 2) be respectful, 3) don’t tilt. Other than those rules, work hard,” coach Kevin says. Most recently, Kevin comes from coaching Mamba Mode Gaming (MMG) to the highest level of Tier 2 Valorant. After several of his players signed with Tier 1 organizations, Kevin signed a professional contract with Shopify Rebellion, one of the best female rosters to exist to date. 

Kevin joins Metro Esports to help identify, select, and train the Metro Squad Valorant roster. 

“After my departure from Shopify Rebellion, I was contacted by Metro Esports with the proposition of building the first-ever multicultural co-ed roster. I knew that this endeavor would be the next step in my career and a challenge that would help me develop to be a better person. My experience with Metro Esports has been nothing short of extraordinary. The amount of support and dedication from the Metro staff is really unmatched and I could not ask for a better team of amazing people to be surrounded with.”